Visit to Revival Centre, Matugga July 2018


Sarah taking height measurements

In July 2018 four more visitors were hosted by Bishop Ivan and Madam Allen.  For Professor Marion Hetherington this was her 4th visit and as part of her plans she and her student Sarah Nottingham (recently graduated from University of Leeds, School of Psychology) assisted in taking weights and heights of champions, day students and boarders. 

This task is undertaken to check that children are growing well and that any problems are spotted and reported to the Directors of the Revival Centre.  This is the third year that weights and heights have been recorded along with some research on the local diets of children, staff and community members. 




Marion weighing a typical portion of posho (maize meal) for lunch.

The research on diet involves looking at the amount offered to children, the amount consumed and converting this into data such as energy intake as well as macronutrient and micronutrient content of the diet.  It is important that the children receive sufficient energy each day as well as the essential minerals and vitamins to ensure good health.






During their visit Marion and Sarah took a 13 hr car ride to the north eastern region of Teso to visit colleagues at Agributec in Serere.  The journey was long but a great adventure to see more of this beautiful country and to meet experts in agriculture, business and technology.

Marion and Sarah were looked after by Madam Christine Anyait and Mr Okello Patrick (director, Agributec).

Visiting the rock paintings at Nyero, Teso region (etchings are estimated to be 3000 years old)


Crossing the river Nile in JInga (new Nile bridge soon to open)




Latest arrivals to visit Bishop Ivan and Madam Allen – Helen and Jenny Hughes.

News from Revival Centre Matugga

In July 2017 a team from the UK travelled together to spend time with Bishop Ivan and Madam Allen at Revival Centre, Matugga.  The team consisted of one trustee (Prof Marion Hetherington), and 5 young people from Ilkley, Harrogate and Reading (Sarah Pickering, Amy Tran, Ruaridh Mon-Williams, Ben Smith and Will Giddings).  We had a delayed flight from Manchester on July 11th into Dubai necessitating a dash for the flight to Entebbe!  At the airport we were met by a student from University of Leeds – Fenella Ellison and together we travelled with Bishop Ivan and Kayanja to Matugga.

During the weeks that followed money which had been raised by the team was spent on a new senior school kitchen and providing a new water system for the senior girls’ dormitory. In addition, weights and heights of the champions were taken for our nutrition project and language testing for a psychology research project.

After Marion, Sarah and Amy left to return to the UK on 29th July, another Trustee and Chair of the Charity Debbie Walker arrived with her friends Marta and Alan Chapman (newly married) to begin their visit to Matugga. Marta is a vet and Alan a science teacher, their visit to Revival marked a very different kind of visit with part of their honeymoon tending to some of the livestock locally and on the RC farms (more to follow on this from Debbie).

It has certainly been hectic for the Matugga team to look after so many visitors. Ben, Will and Ruaridh stayed for a month in total, and as they were leaving the kitchen was near completion, the new water system in full operation and a new playing field acquired and ready for clearing.  It has been a remarkable summer for the visitors and there are photographs and blogs available to read in more detail on the website (see Visitor Blogs).

Newlyweds Marta and Alan Chapman with a gift of goats!

Trustee Visit – Sept 2016

Visit to Revival Centre, September to October 2016

Here are some photos from the visit to Revival Centre, Matugga in 2016 (4 trustees – Debbie, Sharon, Hannah and Marion; Sharon’s son Peter, Hannah’s son Christopher and friend of Revival – Jane Coupe).

Babirye Faith, Chef Moses, Madam Allen, Peter, Sharon, Chef Ivan (in chef whites), Debbie, Hannah and Marion .


Madam Jane Mukalazi (Bishop Ivan’s sister) bringing the trustees into the community to meet Faith

Hannah and Chrisopher say hello to a newborn twin in the community