How You Can Help

We welcome your efforts to support a child. To give you an idea of what it costs to keep The Revival Centre running in Matugga we have prepared some example expenditures below. However, given the fluctuation in the value of the Ugandan shilling and inflation these prices are approximate.

Ongoing Costs  (£)
650 meals a day (£40/day)    ~£1,200 per calendar month (but food costs fluctuate due to inflation and availability of foods)

Individual Items (£)

Mosquito net                   5
Sturdy school shoes     10
Bag of cement                 8
Mattress and cover      15
School uniform            20
Bunk bed unit              60
Acre of farm land    1000

There are 4 main ways that you can help support The Revival Centre in Matugga.  To find out more please follow the links below.

Support a Child 



Visit The Revival Centre


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