Revival Nursery

The Revival Nursery caters for 80 local children and the youngest champions aged between 3 and 5 years. They are divided into two classes of 40 children referred to as the ‘baby’ and ‘top’ classes. They attend mornings only between 0730 hrs and 1200 hrs.

Right from the start at age 3 lessons are in English and cover the basics of reading, writing, numbers and art.

They have a mid-morning break during which they are fed a porridge drink.

The Nursery has had its own building since April 2009, and its own play area for the little ones.

Current Needs

Nursery children at play…

The play equipment is always in need of some TLC (tender, loving, care) and visitors can assist with upgrading, refreshing and painting.  Supplies for children are most welcome, crayons, paper and crafts.

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