Revival Grammar School

The Secondary school was established in February 2006. It now has approximately 300 students and provides classes S1 to S4 where ‘O’ levels are studied, and since February 2009 it has provided classes S5 and S6 where A-levels are studied. Both ‘O’ levels and ‘A’ levels are fully recognised by the Board of Examiners and these exams are sat from Revival Grammar School.

Around half the children attending the grammar school are day pupils from the local community, the other half are boarders from far and wide in Uganda and senior champions who live at the Centre.

There is very little secondary education available in Uganda and where it is available it is provided at private schools with high fees. The students who attend Revival grammar school know they are a privileged few who must make the most of the opportunity.

The grammar school has been developed in the lower part of the Revival Centre and has its own entrance. A range of buildings have been constructed to provide classrooms for the the main subjects to be taught.

The Secondary school at Revival aim to give all students, but especially the champions, a package of academic qualifications and skills that will enable them to get a good job to support themselves and their families or (given financial support) to move into further or higher education.

Senior students in their classroom working hard.

Current Needs

In the future it is hoped that a laboratory will be established in the new teaching block to enable a wider portfolio of science subjects to be studied at ‘A’ level. As with all science subjects these require practical work and experiments to be undertaken, therefore the buildings must match the needs of the students.  There is also a need for new classroom furniture across the school.

Revival Grammar school is a registered exam centre, and if students are keen to enrol they can contact Revival Centre directly.

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