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Ongoing Costs at The Revival Centre

The Revival Centre, Matugga, Uganda comprises a primary school of ~450 pupils, a secondary school of ~200-300 pupils (numbers fluctuate across the year), a loving environment for our Champions, a clinic, a church and a farm. The Centre provides the children with the education, skills and support they need to rise out of poverty and become independent.  To support this fantastic place and the dedicated staff who look after the children takes time and commitment but above all money.

Primary school teacher salary      £45 pcm
Clinic nurse salary                           £50 pcm
Secondary school teacher salary  £60 pcm
Drugs for clinic                               £250 pcm
650 meals a day (£40/day)           £1,200 pcm

There are several ways in which you can help the centre financially. You can make a donation or you can purchase one of the many items in our shop (calendars, gift cards etc).  The money for the items goes 100% direct to The Revival Centre.  This scheme allows you to combine support with buying a present for someone for Christmas, Birthdays or just because.

Another option is to make a monthly donation to support The Revival Centre.  Further details of how to do that and what that entails can be found on our supporters’ page.

Information on how to donate can be found here : Donations

The details of the gift scheme can be found here : Gift Scheme

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