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  1. Champions Support Programme

The UK charity Give a Child a Hope (GACAH) operates a Champions Support Programme.  This programme enables Bishop Ivan Lugoloobi and the team at the Revival Centre to provide a loving environment and a good education (from nursery to Senior 6 – A level) to approximately 150, (this varies throughout the year) of the most needy children at the Centre, whilst also supporting and meeting their welfare needs.

Some of these children have lost one or both parents and are brought to the Centre by relatives or the surviving parent who may be too ill or too poor to care for them. Others have been rescued from the streets or from various forms of exploitation. To help build their self-esteem and give them aspirations for the future Bishop Ivan refers to these children as his “Champions”, because they are going to rise above their circumstances.

The Revival Centre aims to provide each child with the knowledge and skills they need to support themselves and their families in the future.  Compared to western standards the food at the Revival Centre is very basic, but it is both filling and nutritious.  Basic health care is provided by the on-site clinic, which is run by a professionally qualified healthcare team.

To find out more about measures taken to improve the dormitories and living conditions at Revival, see ‘Living at Revival‘.

To learn about what is being done to meet the challenge of feeding the children every day against a background of constantly rising food prices and food shortages in Uganda, see  ‘Agriculture Project‘.

The Champions Support programme is coordinated by Madam Allen at the Revival Centre in Matugga working in partnership with a GACAH Trustee Task Group in the UK.  Madam Allen is not only Bishop Ivan’s wife but she is also the Operations Manager of the Revival Centre and Champions Coordinator.

If you wish to support the Champions Programme there are two ways of doing this:

Option 1:  By supporting the Champions Programme through your financial gift.

Option 2: By supporting the Champions Programme through your financial gift AND by establishing a link to a named child who you support through an exchange of letters.

All donations to the Champions Support Programme go into one fund to the benefit of all the 150 children, and whilst some supporters enjoy a link to a named champion for the purposes of letter exchange, this does not constitute sponsorship of any given child.

To meet the basic cost of the programme GACAH sends a monthly gift of £22.50 per Champion. Typical gifts from our many supporters vary from £15 per month upwards. Thanks to the Gift Aid scheme, GACAH can reclaim the tax on any gift from a UK taxpayer thus increasing the value of the gift by 24%.

If you require any further information about the Champions Support Programme please contact The Champions Support Task Group on the following email:

If you would like to support the Champions on the programme you can print off the following three forms, fill them in and either attach them to an email to the administrator on:, OR post them to GACAH Administrator, c/o St John’s Church Office, Bolling road, Ben Rhydding, West Yorkshire, LS29 8PN.

Application Form


Gift Aid Form and Notes from The Partnership Trust

If you have any difficulty downloading these forms please email the administrator and they can be sent to you.

2. The Champions Scholarship Fund

The Champions Scholarship Fund has recently been developed to support the most able Champion in each year to access Further Education.

The KEY FACTS are:

  • The successful candidate will be the one who has THE BEST ‘A’ LEVEL RESULTS AT REVIVAL CENTRE and WHO ALSO HAS THE BEST PROSPECTS OF BEING ACCEPTED FOR FURTHER EDUCATION. This will not only be a real gift for that student, it will also be a huge motivator for all the A Level students as they compete for the opportunity of gaining that prize, and who knows, over time it may well be possible to send more than one student forward in some years?
  • The donations to the Scholarship Fund must come from NEW INCOME – our appeal must not dilute the funding for the CHAMPIONS SUPPORT PROGRAMME.
  • We believe the Scholarship Fund will appeal to those supporters who have had personal life experiences of EDUCATION MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE for themselves or a family member.
  • Madam Allen Lugoloobi will provide pastoral care and guidance for these students as they embark on further education, and she will also manage their financial support on our behalf.
  • All donations to the Scholarship Fund will go into THE ONE POT to be shared out amongst all the students who have been nominated and managed by the trustees, Bishop Ivan and Madam Allen. Where some supporters already have, or would wish to develop a personal contact with an individual student this can be accommodated.
  • A NEWSLETTER will be sent out twice a year reporting on the students’ progress and their general well being. In this there will be an overview of the Fund’s financial position to account to the donors how their gifts have been applied.


  • These will vary depending on the course and the University; most courses are for 3 years, some last 5 years.
  • The scholarship will cover the student’s tuition fees, educational material, board and accommodation.
  • By year three we estimate that we will need a regular annual income of around £6,000 to support three students in further education. This reduces to £4,500 / year when gift aided.
  • This target could be achieved by a combination of any of the following ANNUAL gifts:
  • 20 gifts of £225
  • 10 gifts of £450
  • or 4 gifts of £1125
  • A local charity has gifted some contingency funding should it be needed.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Scholarship Fund please contact our administrator who will pass it on to the trustees involved in the Scholarship Fund – Martin Smith, Sheila Lewis and Mary Booluck.

If you wish to make a donation please contact our administrator who is available by email on:

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