Visiting & Volunteering

Whether you are an existing supporter or a young person looking to experience life and make a contribution in a very different part of the world, there is a warm welcome waiting for you at the Revival Centre and in the village of Matugga. All visitors are regarded as part of the extended family of the Revival Team. Visitors see first hand how the support raised in the UK is used at the Revival Centre to improve lives and to appreciate first hand the challenges they face.

Being there in person is a huge encouragement to the children and staff at Revival and whatever your age or skills, there is always plenty you can do to be a blessing to them (see below a list of tasks undertaken on recent visits). It is very much appreciated that visitors are often leaving comfortable lives and inconveniencing themselves to visit Matugga.  To smooth the way  we have a procedure to prepare all potential visitors which can mean planning the visit over a 3 month period (e.g. submitting a preliminary expression of interest, applying for a visa, arranging relevant inoculations, setting out a plan of action with a wish list of goals to achieve during the visit, fundraising if needed to support projects etc. – see the link to practical advice for visitors below).


Working hard on the water system in the community…

The experience for most who go is life changing. The thrill of a sponsor meeting their sponsored child cannot be put into words. Seeing visiting young people deep in conversation comparing notes about life with their peers in the Revival schools and champions’ home, is wonderful. For adult and young visitors alike, the experience brings the realisation that there is much more to life than the pursuit of money, possessions, image and bowing to peer pressure. To have conversations and exchange notes and perspectives on life with people from such radically different backgrounds creates friendships and builds bridges of mutual respect, trust and understanding.

A visit to Lake Victoria can make a difference!

Uganda is a warm, beautiful and exciting country full of friendly welcoming people. Matugga is a vibrant market town and the Revival Centre lies at its heart. It is great to become part of the Revival Team for a couple of weeks or more and be surrounded by hundreds of smiling and excitable children. To see how hardworking and gracious Ivan and his team are is humbling, seeing them persevering with their roles in the face of huge obstacles and challenges is inspiring and puts one’s own struggles and grumbles about life and work into perspective.

Practical advice for those considering a visit to Matugga can be found on the ‘Practical Advice for Visitors‘ web page.
Listed below are some of the things teams have achieved during their visits

  • painted classrooms and playground equipment
  • typed and printed examination papers
  • arranged for a carpenter to make desks
  • set up computer rooms
  • travelled to Kampala to buy electrical fittings, window glass, locks, sports equipment, etc
  • attended an introduction service in Jinja
  • interviewed all the champions
  • ran a party for the champions
  • organised and took part in a sports day
  • held planning meetings with Ivan, Allen, Ruth and Jane
  • visited the ladies projects with Jane and watched baskets being made and sold by the ladies
  • took part in church services
  • visited needy families in their homes
  • visited friends made on previous visits
  • went to the theatre in Kampala to see a drama-had an afternoon relaxing on the shores of Lake Victoria
  • showed the excited children some films in the evenings
  • were entertained at the ‘Champions Review’ (what talented children they are)
  • allocated funds to priority needs (nursery block, examination fees, computer rooms etc)
  • fundraised to rebuild the senior school kitchen

Making a difference

Coming to Matugga to make a difference, works both ways.  Our champions enjoy interacting with those from so many thousands of miles away from home and visitors enjoy and learn a lot from their time with the champions and students at Revival Centre.

Painting the girls’ dormitory!


…and more painting…


New senior school kitchen

Visits to the ladies out in the community

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