Revival Church

Bishop Ivan runs a busy church at the Revival Centre. There are three services on a Sunday morning followed by evening glory. Throughout the week are evening meetings for prayer, worship and bible study.

The worship in Ivan’s church is fantastic with moving and singing supported by keyboard and African drums. At Easter and Christmas there are special services where different groups within the church lead the worship and perform. Bishop Ivan’s preaching is always energetic, clear and challenging.

The church is mission orientated and goes out into the community to support and encourage people in their struggles and to share the love of Christ with them. The church is where people come for prayer and support and is a centre of support to the wider Matugga community.

It is wonderful for visitors to be welcomed by the loving congregation at Revival and to pass on to them the best wishes of supporters in the UK and elsewhere.

Bishop Ivan is the overseer of Gombe Sub-County supporting and encouraging a number of pastors in link churches around the district. Bishop Ivan runs study schools for pastors and others in the school holiday periods when the facilities of the school are available.

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