Revival Clinic

The clinic is at the top of the Revival Centre site near the main road through Matugga giving good access to the community. It was established in April 2007 within a block that was built in 2001 as a two-classroom primary school.

Initially Bishop Ivan’s elder sister Ruth (herself a senior nurse) ran the Revival Clinic which had moved from expensive rental accommodation in Matugga. Moving to the Revival site saved on the rent, made the service immediately available to the school children, boarders and champions and allowed Ivan and Ruth to work together in serving their community.

The clinic is the first port of call for all types of illness and accidents. Together the nursing team provides a 24 hour service 7 days a week, 365 days a year and treat around 450 patients a month. When there is a difficult delivery or other demanding situation two or three nurses need to be involved and sleep is regularly sacrificed. Recent treatment data from the clinic shows the major conditions to be malaria, upper respiratory tract infections (asthma, coughs, influenza, pnuemonia), TB, wound management, HIV, and many other serious conditions.

The medical ministry is to the needy of the community and so they are treated even if they cannot pay for their drugs or treatment. Often a few hundred Ugandan shillings (worth a few UK pence) is offered and accepted to give people the dignity of feeling that they have contributed and not totally relied on charity.

It has taken some time to develop the clinic to the good state it is in today. Revival centre is very proud of the clinic which has a small office and consulting room, a waiting room, male and female wards, a delivery room and a room for treating the students. A small room at the end of the block is used for delivering babies.

Recent blessings have included the gift of a pathology microscope which now helps in the diagnosis of conditions and informs their treatment and a computer for record keeping. The microscope has enabled a sample analysis service to be developed which brings in a small additional income to the clinic.

Nurses Jane and Christine

The clinic is ever grateful to have visiting qualified staff to support them. If you are interested in visiting as a health professional (doctor, medical student, student nurse, nurse) please contact us at our email address. 


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