Revival Centre Beginnings

Revival Centre Beginnings

The story of the Revival Centre started in the year 2000 when retired vicar Roger Fry met (the then) Pastor Ivan in Matugga. How it all began in Roger’s own words…

“Just ten years ago I sensed that God wanted me to take part in the first ‘Walk Uganda’ in the year 2000. This was a mission sponsored by Through Faith Missions, a small missionary society based in the UK. I could never have imagined then what would follow from that step of obedience.

Twelve of us were based in the small town of Matugga which lies on the main road to the north of Uganda from the capital Kampala. Our host was the Reverend Ivan Lugolobi who was pastor of a small church that met in the Ladybird school run by his elder sister Esther. During our stay Ivan shared his vision to provide a home and a future for orphaned and needy children in the area. At the end of our trip we were able to give him a sum of money to buy some land.

When we returned the following year we saw the beginnings of the first buildings on the steep slopes of the site. They were 4 to 6 feet high and open to the sky. Some of our team helped complete one of them and two weeks later we saw the first class of 30 children being taught in it. Today, the site has been transformed. There is now a nursery, a primary school and a secondary school called ‘Revival Grammar’….. The original building I saw finished in 2001 now hosts the Revival Clinic.

I can only thank God for his faithfulness, for my friendship with pastor Ivan and that I have been privileged to play some part in this wonderful development.”

Profile of Ivan Lugoloobi


Support for early developments at the Revival Centre came as a result of generous gifts from members of St John’s church in Ben Rhydding, Ilkley which Roger attends and from other contacts. Over the years further development has been made possible through the support of other churches, a number of schools, community groups, the supporters programme and generous individuals.


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